How I came to have “Pinterest” hair or A series of unfortunate events

Let me start off by saying that making my hair lighter was not an itch I should’ve scratched. I’ve always had dark brown hair and when I dyed it in the past it was always a shade darker or a dark plum or something like that. And I know that dark hair makes you seem older or whatever, but I was so comfortable with that color – it just felt right to me. It was my Snow-White-ey look: dark hair, fair skin, red lips – good to go. (My sister would call this look “the Morticia Addams”, but I was cool with that as well. I love black, I love the Addams family and Morticia may have looked like a vampire, but she was a classy lady. But I don’t wear eye make-up like she does and my eyebrows are not that arched. So my sister is wrong, ha!). But anyway. I felt the need for a change this year and what I got is so far off from what I actually wanted to look like, it’s scary.

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DIY flower pots (and mini Christmas trees)


A few months ago I became obsessed with mini succulent plants. I am still obsessed, but a little less, now that I actually own a few. I searched high and low and everywhere online to try and find tiny succulents, but in the end the hero was my sister, because she found some at her local florist. Continue reading

Memories from past dreams

Lately I’ve been super obsessed with home organizing, decorations and optimizing small spaces. I’ve recently moved and I am still trying to make the place my own and as practical and comfortable as possible. So, naturally, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest, trying to find inspiration. And I have – more than I expected.

What am I talking about? Let me explain…

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