I’d hoped that my next post will be sooner than this, but you guys, it’s been a crazy summer, work-wise at least. So crazy that I didn’t get the chance to plan any vacation for fall and now it’s too late because prices are pretty spicy. So, here I am, dreaming about last year’s vacation when we went to Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. It was gorgeous and relaxing and a real break from real life and I wish I could’ve had a similar experience this year. Here’s to planning ahead! (click on read more to see a ton more pictures ūüėČ)

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A week of outfits #1


A few months ago I thought I’d try the experiment of documenting my outfits daily. The had two objectives in mind when making this decision:¬†1.to find out exactly what clothes I wear and what clothes I don’t wear and 2.eventually improve my style because looking back can help me make better decisions in the future. Hopefully.

I started this back in May, but since the weather was still cool back then my outfits feature a lot of long-sleeved tops so I thought it’d be more appropriate to share those in autumn.

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Here’s Waldo


My sister describes my style as “mom-like” and that’s because I like to be comfortable – I rarely wear heels, (while she has a closet-full of high-heels that she can’t loan to anyone, not even her sister, because she has tiny feet and wears 35!) I don’t own a lot of dresses and I don’t really like to show a lot of cleavage. Of course, sometimes these things do happen, but it’s definitely not the norm. However, unlike my sister, I think my style is rather child-like than mom-like. I wear a lot of sneakers, I own a lot of pullovers and don’t own nearly enough grown-up clothing (i.e. office attire).

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