About me


Hello, there! I guess you’re here to find out a little bit about me, so here goes nothing…

My name is Andreea, I’m from Bucharest, Romania, and I’m a lover of music, fashion and food – not necessarily in that order. I’m an energetic and smiley person, but I am really a melancholic at heart. I am a child of the 90’s (being born on June 9th, 1990) and I often like to dream about this decade and remember all the great things about it.

I like to think of myself as a geek – I love cheesy jokes and interesting facts – but I am also a geek when it comes to fashion and beauty. Following a huge bunch of blogs for more than 6 years, I figured it was time to see if anything stuck and to put my knowledge into practice. I don’t know if I would’ve had the courage to start the blog if it wasn’t for my boyfriend, who gave me the support I needed to make this step. He is also the one who takes the photos for my blog (along with myself) – unless stated otherwise.

I am open and honest and sometimes clumsy and goofy – which I’m sure will reflect in my posts. I am here to have fun and to write how I feel. I truly hope you enjoy my little corner you’ve stumbled upon here!


– Andreea.

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