Happy nails – 2019 edition – part 2


We’re closing in on the end of the year and I thought I’d share my next 5 manicures of 2019. If you missed the first 5, you can find them here. I had a lot of fun this year with my nails and I’m so grateful that I am able to do so (i.e. have a nail artist that indulges me and doesn’t hate me ūüėĄ). It’s so hard to pick a favorite out of these, I loved them all a lot and was sad each time I had to take them off. Let me know if you have a favorite and which one it is ūüėĀ

Let’s dive right in!

#1: Mint condition


Five years later and I’m still not over this color. How can I be? It’s perfect ‚̧ԳŹ Combined here with two other things that are my favorite: dainty flowers and “ombre” nails – meaning nails done only halfway (I’m really struggling not to say “just the tip” #fail). These were absolutely perfect and I’m sad that I didn’t take even more pictures of them.


#2: Opal dreams


I found these ones on Instagram and if I show you the originals, you won’t even know the difference between what I have and the inspiration. These were so subtle and so beautiful. Colorful without being too loud, shiny without being too sparkly. Simply perfect ‚̧ԳŹ



#3: Summer love


Because these were so summery and I love them! I think these are so “Andreea”: ombre nails combined colors fading into each other, subtle details and some plants (it’s usually flowers, but leaves do just fine). These were so photogenic and stood out a lot. I think they were the perfect summer nails (for me at least)!


#4: Interstellar


I had something for galaxies this year. Started 2019 off with a very cute galaxy design that I loved so much that I think this has influenced me for the rest of the year. I mean, even as I’m writing this I’m wearing a galaxy themed design. I know, I have an obsession, but you can understand me, right? I mean just look how good these look!


#5: Fall in love


Falling in love with fall ‚̧ Autumn is my favorite season, so I couldn’t wait to incorporate some classic autumnal colors and themes into my designs! These were a combination of a few designs I’d seen online mixed with some on the spot inspiration. They turned out so good, I might repeat them next year. ūüėä


So here they are – a bunch of this year’s manicures. They all felt so “me” and I enjoyed them all so much that I am absolutely unable to select my favorite. But if you have yours picked out, don’t hesitate to share ūüėä

If you want to become spoiled with absolutely gorgeous manicures, you can contact @mani_fever on Instagram.

See you soon with the next (and last) batch of the year!

Till next time,




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