Getting geeky with it

PLAYING DRESS-UP WITH >> T-shirt: MISFITTOYS.NET | Jeans: Chicnova | Shoes: Vans | Backpack: | Sunglasses: Otte NY | Lipstick: NARS | Headphones: Nixon
So because today is Saturday and I’m having a bit of trouble getting out of bed, thought I’d create an outfit to go with my lazy mood – and I found the perfect one. Let me explain to you why I love this outfit so much:

1. Boyfriend jeans. I mean, really now, who doesn’t love a good pair of boyfriend jeans. They’re sooo comfortable and they look so good – so it’s a win-win!
2. Harry Potter. C’mon now, you’re telling me you don’t like Harry Potter?! Being a child of the 90’s, I grew up reading the series and it was my dream to receive a letter telling me I was accepted at Hogwarts. 😀 I mean it, I would’ve dropped anything for Hogwarts. Maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed with the UK. I think you’ve already figured out that I’m a huge geek, and that was judging by the title of the post alone. Aaanyway, when I found this T-shirt I was in love – I’m seriously considering buying it for real. And also, it’s…
3. Burgundy. Really, I would find any excuse to wear this color. Whether it’s on my lips or on my feet, I simply love it and in my opinion no one can go wrong with wearing burgundy. It’s definitely a flattering color.
The rest of the outfit was just filling in the pieces of the puzzle. In my mind, the backpack goes perfectly with the ensemble, the sunglasses were an obvious choice, as we are talking about Harry Potter, and the headphones because, well, I go everywhere with headphones on. If I leave home without my iPod, the whole trip to work or out on the town is somehow missing something. So a Saturday without some good music just wouldn’t be perfect.
What’s your lazy-day outfit? And also, what are you geeky about? I’m really curious!

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