Delicious Quiche


The first time I discovered quiche was a revelation for me… I mean, I had eaten it before, but i had never cooked it. Until last year when I got adventurous – or so I thought. I thought I was “living on the edge”, but, in fact, quiche is so simple it blew my mind – and absolutely delicious!

So I started off with a little quiche lorraine, but I’ve mixed things up since then. I love it that you can make it with just about anything that crosses your mind, you can play with the recipe and make combinations and then enjoy your delicious result. *mmmm*


But I soon discovered that my least favorite part about the quiche is making that damn dough. Don’t get me wrong, I make a good dough. I just don’t enjoy making it when the whole point about the quiche is enjoying a yummy meal that is easy to prepare. Also, you can’t find frozen dough in our supermarkets so that was out of the question.

Luckily enough, I recently discovered a solution for the lazy foodie in me. Watching the cooking channel obsessively paid off and I found a neat trick that saves a lot of time – bread. I know, mind-blowing, right? 😀 But let me explain.

Before I share my quiche “recipe” I must warn you that I rarely follow instructions and quantities by the book. I do this only if it’s a pretty technical recipe. Otherwise, I wing it, using ingredients and their quantities instinctively. So, here goes:


  • sliced toast bread (you know, the square kind :D) – the number of slices really depends on the size of the pan you’re about the make the quiche in – I used about 10 or so;
  • some melted butter – again, depends on the number of slices you use;

So in order to make your crust you need to firstly remove the crusts from your slices of bread. Then flatten the slices using a rolling pin. After that, just grease one side of each slice with the melted butter and place them in the pan – greased-side down so they stick to the pan. Be careful to not leave any empty space – you can do this by overlapping your slices – otherwise the filling will just ignore your crust and do whatever it likes.


This is the part where you can really get creative. For a basic filling I use:

  • 6 eggs to give it extra fluffiness;
  • 200 g sour cream;
  • some milk – let’s say 100 ml or so;

Then you add the ingredients of your choice or in your fridge. I used:

  • any kind of ham or bacon at my disposal;
  • cheese – I used cottage cheese but you can go wild, using any cheese that would go well with your choice of ingredients, from feta to cheddar;
  • mushrooms;
  • salt, pepper and dill.

Although I love dill, especially in omelet-type dishes, I advise you to be careful when using it, cause it can quickly overpower your dish and you could be left with dill-flavored quiche, regardless of the other ingredients you used – and it would be a shame.

Aaanyway, getting back to the recipe. Just mix the ingredients of the filling together and pour the filling in your bread-covered pan. Put in the oven and leave until it becomes all fluffy and it rises. Because my oven is so nuts and it can turn a 20 minute dish in a 2-hour one or worse – a 20 minute dish into a 20 minute burnt dish, I usually leave it until it’s fluffy and perform the classic toothpick test. If you stick a toothpick into the filling and it’s all clean when you remove it, it’s done. If it has filling on it, you shouldn’t remove that quiche from the oven just yet. Thinking back, I think I usually leave my quiche in the oven for an hour or so on medium heat (although really it’s just low heat in my nuts oven).

ZEN_1601 ZEN_1602 ZEN_1596 ZEN_1598

I promise that for the next recipe I’ll time myself and measure the ingredients so I can give you a more accurate recipe than this one XD

Hope you enjoy and please tell me how it went if you try to make the quiche with bread crust!


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