Rainy Day in Bucharest

… and welcome to my blog! After flirting with the idea of a blog for many years now, I have finally decided that if I don’t start one now, I never will, cause the excuses not to will always exist. So here goes nothing…

What you stumbled upon here is a lifestyle blog, following my adventures, my thoughts, my dreams and my goals. I will write about things that interests me, from fashion, cooking and travelling to just about anything that I find beautiful, inspiring and fun.
Why this sudden need to blog, you may ask.

Well, actually, as I’ve said before, the need to blog has always been there, I just didn’t have the guts to do it. But now, I feel like I have to do this for my personal development, to get organized and to put my life in order. My mother always jokes about the fact that I have been on the run since I was born, because I am always in a hurry to get somewhere (although, in my defense, I am raaaarely late :D). Which makes me take the minimum effort on myself and my appearance before walking out the door.

For example, I have a lot of accessories that I have bought over the years, yet I never wear them. The only accessory I wear is my watch, and that’s only because it has become a reflex to look at my wrist when checking the time.

Same thing goes for my clothes. I have bought so many clothes that I can barely fit them in my dresser. And yet I think I only wear 40% of what I own. I have my favorite items that I wear with jeans and comfortable shoes. And when I do dress up in a way that I find is fancy, I feel uncomfortable instead of confident and it’s my own fault for setting the bar low for myself.

For various reasons (money, time, self image etc.), I’ve developed a style that rarely matches the one in my head, the one I wish I’d have. But I’ve decided that this is unacceptable and hopefully this blog will give me the opportunity to discover and define my personal style.

Although I’ve been ranting on there about personal style and fashion, the main idea is personal development. More time spent taking care of myself – this is what I aim to do through my blog. The cooking and travelling part is just for the fun of it, as I enjoy both enormously! 😀

Having said this, I really hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I will enjoy writing them.
See you soon!
P.S. Although the picture seems random, it’s actually not. I love the smell of rain and rainy days altogether, they make me dream and make plans. That’s how I decided to finally start writing, over coffee, on that rainy day you see above.
– Andreea.

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